MCD has worked over 25 years combining the talent and experience of the architect and builder not only to raise structures but to bring into reality the architectural imagination and to skilfully work and weave together the raw materials which make up the strength, the harmony and the beauty of a building.

We are not an architectural practice. We are not a construction company.

Care with design in regard to scale, proportion, surface and light echo our broader design ethos of how does a building inhabit its unique site but also relate to its overall surrounding? How do we live alone but also connected to a community and what is of value to self without devaluing others?

With a broad range of typologies undertaken over the years it is to the private residence where form and function have equal standing that we always return.

Based in the UK since it’s inception the practice opened up its second office in Portugal in 2017. We have begun to work with young architects and artisans and have commenced our first projects on the island of Madeira with two commissions for private homes and one commission for an eco retreat.